I swear I’ll never be happy again. 
And don’t you dare say we can just be friends. 
I’m not some boy that you can sway. 
We knew it’d happen eventually.

Who the hell am I?

The things you do and the people you talk to
don’t impress me or my friends in any way.
Take the easy way out
and fall over the cheap talk you send away.


Wow, it just hit me. WHY DIDN’T I NOTICE IT BACK THEN?

Dimensions in Physics

We came together but you left alone 
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own

Maybe someday I will see you again 
And you’ll look me in my eyes and call me your friend

Why is there so much blood in my alcohol system?

I’m bound to break if I stay the same
With all my weight I will force a change
Cause in my skin is the sunlight
And in my heart, there is still a fight.

Childish Gambino | 3005 (Acoustic Flow)

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Hollerin’ at this Japanese girl, Asian mommy
But is it too soon for Japanese girls? Too tsunami?
Is it racist if I say she tastes like edamame?
Was I supposed to stay uncool? Please remind me


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